We have identified seven priorities which will enable us to achieve our vision:

  1. Prevention and promoting health – we want people and communities to be able to take a more active role in their general health and wellbeing, to prevent ill health and when illness strikes, to be able to remain as independent as possible.
  2. Integrated models of care – we want to reduce reliance on hospital beds and help people to live healthy independent lives for longer, closer to where they live. Care needs to be less fragmented and more joined-up so that it is safer and more efficient.
  3. Primary care – we want to establish a consistent, high-quality and sustainable model of primary care (GPs)
  4. Mental health and learning disabilities – we want to make sure that mental and physical health services are joined-up and meet people’s needs.
  5. Acute hospital and specialist services – we want to make sure that acute hospital services in Devon are safe, high-quality, effective and affordable
  6. Productivity – we want to reduce inefficiency and waste across all organisations, so we make the best use of resources.
  7. Children and families – we want children and young people to be able to access the services they need, as close to home as possible. Services will be more joined-up so that we can better support families and also ensure that children continue to get the care they need as they become adults.

Underpinning all of this are our workforce, our buildings and our technology infrastructure. As part of the STP we will also be making sure that these are able to support the delivery of our key priorities. We also need to make sure that throughout the journey to develop our plans to address these challenges, we talk to and work with our staff, patients and the public so that we properly listen to and understand their views, needs and expectations.

We have identified the high-level areas which we need to prioritise, but we need you, our communities to work with us to develop the detailed plans for each area.

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