What we will do: Children and families

We will invest in prevention and health promotion for children to give them the best start possible and to ensure that children and young people stay healthy, with intervention starting earlier if necessary.

We will create a model of care across universal and specialist services that spans health, social care and education and ensures that adult and children’s services work together to prepare young people for adulthood. We will ensure that mechanisms are in place to enable effective communication, sharing data and enabling timely access to the right pathway.

We will provide a local offer for children with special educational needs that enables them to achieve the outcomes and goals identified through their Education Care and Health Plan.

We will strengthen access to senior paediatric expertise, linked to GP practices, for urgent and non-urgent needs and provide a rapid access clinic for non-emergency cases, led by paediatricians.

We will transform Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) to ensure timely crisis responses, specific pathways for eating disorders and self-harm and provide specific support for cared-for children.

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