What we will do: Primary care

Primary care is essential to our vision for fully integrated care. Clinical Commissioning Groups and primary care provider representatives are working together to co-design a sustainable future for the primary care sector and we are currently developing a high-level integrated primary care strategy that will address the key challenges mentioned above.

Our aim is to establish a consistent model where GPs work in partnership with patients, as well as fellow clinicians and other care professionals, to improve their health and wellbeing. There will be pro-active identification and subsequent management of illness, and in particular long-term conditions and mental health problems.

We will work with people in their communities to translate the strategy at a local community level to respond to the more specific needs in each local area.  We will also make sure that where more care is being provided locally, this is properly resourced. In particular, we will make best use of the additional funding available to us nationally to support the GP Forward View (the national strategy for primary care).

We recognise the need for practices to collaborate more formally than has been typical in the past, and we will provide support to make this happen, including investing in information technology systems, workforce sustainability and premises where return on investment can satisfactorily be demonstrated.

Whilst there is a significant focus initially on general practice we will also develop plans to ensure that other primary care services  especially pharmacy and optometry can play their part in improving local care and services and contribute to the new joined-up system of care.

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