There is a clear goal: to meet the increasing health and care needs of the population whilst ensuring our services are sustainable and affordable.

Our STP aims to achieve this goal by taking a different approach, where we enable people to live healthier lives and stay well for longer, by finding better ways to support them with their health and care needs.

It is an ambitious goal, which requires an equally ambitious plan that is prepared to look at every part of health and care provision in Devon as a whole.

Strategic aim and statement of purpose for STP

“We will operate as an aligned health and care system, to be a major force and trustworthy partners for the continual improvement of health and care for people living in Devon.”

We will focus everything we do on improving:

  • Population health
  • Experience of care
  • Cost effectiveness per head of population

Strategic objectives of the STP

We will deliver:

  • Equity of access to services
  • Better and more equal outcomes for more people
  • Excellence in service delivery
  • Improved health and wellbeing for populations and communities
  • Integrated care for people
  • Improved care for people
  • Empowered users who are experts in managing their care needs

… within the financial resource available


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