The Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) has been a positive catalyst for Devon. It has helped leaders build a collaborative, system approach to the NHS and local government.

After two years of work, Devon is now in a stronger position to further integrate services for the benefit of local people. The collective work by leaders has helped us tackle the historical challenges we have faced, with our financial and service performance improving.

Working in partnership has enabled our local leaders to try new and different approaches.

The framework of the STP has also helped the NHS in Devon to move away from being one of the three most challenged health systems in England to one of 14 systems making progress.

This progress is a testament to the original plan that was put in place in 2016.

This publication sets out our aims in 2016, what progress we have made and, importantly, what we are now planning over the next three years.

Click on the image to download the plan.

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