What we will do: Integrated models of care

The first phase of implementation of the integrated care model is underway across Devon. We are making changes that will promote independence, keep people safe and well at home or in their own communities and reduce reliance on bed-based care. We are doing this first through introducing a single patient assessment process; providing a single point of access for care professionals to organise the help that is needed and by ensuring that we can respond more quickly when requests for care are made (our aim is within 2 hours).

We have initial plans to reduce community hospital bed numbers in the East of Devon and to close 4 community hospitals in South Devon. The savings we make from these changes will enable additional investment in community, primary care and other local services to help deliver more care, more effectively to more people, closer to where they live. Patients who need care in a hospital bed will still be able to receive care in this way.

Making sure that health and social care services work smoothly together is essential and we will make changes to streamline our processes to provide joined up services, cutting out the number of referrals and handovers for example.

We plan to give people greater personal involvement in planning and choosing their care and expand personal health budgets including exploring opportunities for maternity and end-of life care. These budgets enable people (supported where needed) to make their own choices about who provides the care they need.


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