Get involved in our mental health and wellbeing strategy

The NHS in Devon is working on a Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy, which will set out the vision and priorities for mental health and wellbeing across Devon.

Mental health

Mental illness is relatively common in Devon and people with serious mental illness experience poorer health outcomes than the general population. However, much less money is spent on mental health in Devon (when out-of-area placements are excluded) than in other similar areas of the country, and services are locally are not as widely available as they need to be to ensure the best outcomes for people.

We believe that mental health should have equal priority with physical health and that everyone who needs mental health care should get the right support, at the right time.

We need to prioritise high-quality and accessible services for people with a mental illness and more needs to be done to prevent mental illness and promote good mental health and wellbeing.

Learning disabilities

At the moment, there are too many people with learning disabilities in inpatient care, placed away from where they live and often outside of Devon. People are forced to fit into services rather than services being built around them and too many people with learning disabilities are placed in long-term residential care.

Our vision is to create a place where children and adults with a learning disability live in the community of their choice, with the people they want, and with the right support, and are happy, healthy and safe.

What we are going to do: Mental health and learning disabilities

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