We have been working together with local people to understand what is important to them and they have told us that they want to take responsibility to stay well and independent as long as possible in their own communities. We need a long term approach to improving health and wellbeing and addressing health inequalities and we want to empower people to take greater control over their own lives and to take greater responsibility for their own health.

In Devon:

  • 101,889 individuals with 2 long-term conditions (LTC), 40,583 with 3 LTC
  • 162,048 hazardous and harmful drinkers
  • 138,720 smokers (18+), 1268 mothers smoking at time of delivery and 33,967 smokers in routine and manual occupations
  • 262,990 inactive adults
  • 618,787 overweight or obese adults
  • 3411 deaths under the age of 75

There needs to be a shift towards prevention and early intervention and we want to focus on the individual, supported by families and friends within their local communities, as well as enhancing organised support from local health, care and other community services.

What we are going to do: prevention and promoting health

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